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Looking to save money on lighting and maintenance costs?

GSC Lighting & Supply is here to help!  Let one of our energy saving solution team members help you find the best retrofit solution for your current lighting situation. At GSC Lighting we stay up to date on the newest innovations in lighting. By using our extensive knowledge, we can help you maximize every dollar you spend on lighting.

With the uncertain economy and rising energy costs, you need to stretch every dollar your business spends. Lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to boost your bottom line and start seeing big savings in a relatively short amount of time. In addition to saving money on what your business spends on lighting, you can also save on HVAC costs by installing newer and more efficient lighting technologies, like LED lighting and induction lighting. These options produce far less heat than other types of lighting like incandescent, halogen, or HID.

If your business is located in the Kansas City Metro area let us come to you! We can perform a custom, energy savings analysis to determine how you can save the most money on your energy efficient lighting retrofit.

Did you know that KCP&L offers a rebate to customers who install qualifying electricity savings measures?   Many businesses are taking advantage of the energy-efficient lights in their warehouses, parking lots, storage facilities, and offices. 

KCP&L offers energy efficiency programs to meet the needs of our business customers. These programs provide a means to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency, concepts that are key components to operating successful businesses. Through these programs, KCP&L incentives help lower the cost of purchasing and installation of energy efficient lighting equipment for it’s Missouri customers. 

 A lighting retrofit improves the quality of light in your facility and creates a positive impact on your customers and your employees. While the main benefit is lower energy bills, other benefits include greater control over lighting, improved lighting quality, safety and reduced maintenance costs. Becoming more energy efficient can also increase the profitability and asset value of your business while lowering operating costs and carbon footprint.

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We handle all paperwork, communications and submissions to qualify and secure funding. Rebate funds are pre-approved & pay up to 50% of the total cost while cutting your electric bill 30 to 70%.

Take Advantage of the KCP&L Rebate Retrofit Program – call us today!

Here’s a list of just some of our customers that have taken advantage and reaping the electrical benefits of the KCPL Rebate Program through GSC Lighting & Supply:

Arrow Stage Lines

Automated Motion Inc.

Bannister Road Baptist Church

Beautiful Savior Home

Bill Briet Construction

Carthage Marble Corporation

Charles D. Jones

Commenco Inc.

County Beverage Co.

Express Mart Inc.

First Presbyterian Church of Holden

Larry Vaught Roofing

Leaf Properties

Lee’s Summit Auto Electric

Metro Christian Fellowship

Salvation Army

Truck Trailer & Hitch