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Dark to Light DSS124F 1.5 TJJE LED Photocontrol - Roadway and Streetlighting Products

Dark to Light DSS124F 1.5 TJJE LED Photocontrol Roadway and Streetlighting Products GSC Lighting Products in Kansas City Missouri
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Dark to Light DSS124F 1.5 TJJE LED Photocontrol
Item Number: DSS124F 1.5 TJJE
PRICE:  $21.25 Each

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•LED lighting fixtures that require dusk to dawn control
•Also recommended for use with other luminaires that use
solid state ballasts/drivers (e.g. CFL, Induction, Electronic HID)
•The DSS is specifically designed to provide long life, enhanced light sensitivity,
and superior surge protection when used with LED luminaires.
•Filtered Silicon Photo Sensor
•Specially selected sealed relay
•(2) MOVs rated for 320 Joules/9500 Amp
•Neoprene Base Gasket has a continuous use temperature of 105°C
•Built in 3–6 second turn-off delay
•Green Cover with Blue Base
•ANSI C136.10-1996 Compliant
•ROHS compliant
•Surge Rated to ANSI C136.10 - Cat. C
•Voltage 105 to 305 VAC, 60Hz
•Load rating: 1662 VA @ 277V, 720 VA @ 120V, 6A MAX
•Average power consumption: 0.7 watts @ 120V; 2.4 watts @ 277V
•Enhanced Ambient Sensing
--The photo sensor is designed to sense sunlight, while being “blind” to light emitted from LEDs. This reduced LED sensitivity greatly decreases false turn-off in high ambient light situations
•Extreme Inrush Protection
--Tested and approved for use with fixtures that use multiple LED drivers, the DSS can withstand the high inrush current that these drivers generate
•On Board LED Indicator
--Provides a visual signal, without removing the photocontrol, that the fixture is powered and the photocontrol is fully operational
•Surge Protection & Inductive Filtering
--Employing two MOV’s in conjunction with additional series inductance and high frequency filtering, provides ANSI Category C (20kV, 10kA) surge protection for the control, and also protects the solid state driver from line transients and “noise”
Design Life
--Defined as the period of time that the product is expected to work within its specified parameters, the DSS is rated for 90,000 hours 

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