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2 Lite F40T12, HPF, Electronic Ballast
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2 Lite F40T12, HPF, Electronic Ballast
Item Number: KTEB-240-UV-TP-PIC
PRICE:  $22.00 Each

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Electronic Ballasts >> T12
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2x F40T12 | 120-277 Multivoltage | HPF | Rapid Start

Ballast Factor: Normal
Input Voltage: 120-277V
No. of Lamps: 2
Power Factor: High
Primary Lamp Type: F40T12
Starting Method: Rapid Start
Warranty: 3 Years


Philips Advance RELB2S40SC, ICN-2S40-N, R2S40TP
Universal B234SR120M-A, B234SR277M-A, B240R120HP, B240R277HP
General Electric GE40RS120, GE-240-RS-MV-N
Osram-Sylvania QTP2X40T12120RSNSC
Fulham WHCG9127T12RS


Philips Advance R2S34TP; R2S40TP; R2SP30TP; RC2SP40TP; RK2S34TP; RK2S40TP; RM2S35TP; RM2SP30TP; V2S34TP; V2S40TP; V2SP30TP; VC2SP40TP; VK2S34TP; VK2S40TP; VM2SP30TP; XQM2S40TP; YQM2S40TP
Universal 420LTCP; 427LTCP; 439LTCP; 443LSLHTCP; 446LSLHTCP; 530LTCP; 537LTCP; 573LTCP; 588LTCP; W589DTCP; W590DTCP
General Electric GEM240RS120; GEM240RS220; GEM240RS277; GEM240HRS120
Osram-Sylvania MB2X30120RS; MB2X30277RS; MB2X30/40120RS; MB2X40277RS; MB2X40120RS
Robertson ES140120TP, ES230120TP, ES240120TP, RS1405, RS14056P, RS1405P, RS140P2, RS230P2, RS2405, RS24056P, RS240P3A, RS240P4, RS240PLA

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