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Sign Ballast 1-2 Lamps, 4-16 - Smartwire Electronic Sign Ballasts

Sign Ballast 1-2 Lamps, 4-16
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Sign Ballast 1-2 Lamps, 4-16
Item Number: KTSB-E-0416-12-UV-S
PRICE: $89.75 Each   ON-SALE

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Product Details
Frequency (Hz): 60Hz
Input Voltages: 120V
Lamp Connection: Series
Max Lamp Footage: 8'
Min Lamp Footage: 2'
No. of Lamps: 1
OCV: 1000V
Warranty: 4 Years

Features and Benefits
•Wires exactly the same as traditional magnetic ballasts for seamless compatibility and installation.
•Lightweight: Weighs up to 50% less than heavy magnetic ballasts, providing easier transportation and installation.
•Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Delivers up to 15% savings over magnetic sign ballasts.
•Versatility: Operates both T8HO and T12HO lamps.
•Cold Weather Performance: Solid-state technology enables excellent lamp starting performance in cold temperatures. Minimum Starting Temperature of -30o C/-20o F
•120V Input Voltage; 50/60Hz; Series Wiring

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Vendor Part #
Universal part # USB-2036-46
Advance ASB-1240-46-BL-TP
GE GESB-1240-46-IP
Sylvania MSB-46-1240-TP
Howard MSB/1240/46/120
Sola E620-F-45650110-TP
Hatch GSB-1240-46-120

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